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Methacrylates and Skin Sensitization

Methacrylate esters (MMA, EMA, nBMA and iBMA) can cause skin sensitization (contact allergic dermatitis), sometimes referred to as skin allergy in humans. In addition, methacrylate esters have been shown to cross-react with other methacrylates esters so it is possible that one ester may cause the allergy and a different ester cause the skin response (rash) to occur. A person with skin sensitization caused by a methacrylate ester will not necessarily react to an acrylate esters and visa versa. MMA is the most commonly used methacrylate ester so there is more information on this chemical than on any of the other methacrylate esters. All short chain methacrylate esters can be regarded as weak skin sensitizers requiring contact with concentrated liquid monomer or frequent and/or prolonged contact to cause skin allergy. Because of this MPA recommends that skin contact with liquid monomer is always avoided — wear protective gloves. For more information, see the following:

Skin Sensitization Technical Summary

MPA's Position regarding the use of methacrylates in nail extensions