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why methacrylates are essential to our lives

Methacrylates are a family of monomers used as building blocks to make a wide range of products that we see and use every day. Cars are painted a rainbow of attractive colors with durable scratch resistant finishes made with methacrylates. Toners and inks used in computer printers and in copy machines utilize methacrylate-based polymers as does your dentist when he gives you durable dentures containing life-like methacrylate-based artificial teeth or a natural color, non-metallic dental filling. Methacrylics are even used to produce lubrication oil additives specified by automobile manufacturers to make modern day car engines run smoothly and efficiently, improving engine life and achieving better gas mileage.

Chances are that when you visit a bank you may run across a clear bulletproof security barrier made from methacrylates. Putting a DVD into your player? They are made from methacrylates. As you can see, methacrylates are all around us and are used to make a wide variety of products that are important in our lives.

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